The software update EBR V2.1.1/ CMS V6.2.1 for GALILEI G2-G6 is now available. What is...

October 01, 2015

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November 24, 2014

Ziemer released an important software update for the GALILEI family (GALILEI G2, G4 and G6). In...

July 07, 2014

AAO, Las Vegas, November 14 to 17

Last Update: 28.09.2015

Our Products

Surgical Products

Ziemer's contributions to state-of-the-art ocular surgery focus on corneal (refractive) and cataract surgery. The unprecedented success story of the AMADEUS microkeratome has set new standards for the safety and effectiveness of LASIK vision correction worldwide. With the highly successful FEMTO LDV surgical laser, Ziemer is at the forefront of a technical revolution in corneal and cataract surgery.


Diagnostic Products

Taking a new, unbiased look at established diagnostic techniques and employing new technologies and materials to reach new dimensions of measurement precision is one of Ziemer's most successful strategies. It has led to the PASCAL tonometer, being the most accurate tonometer today overcoming the backdraws of cornea dependent tonometry. The GALILEI dual Scheimpflug analyzer with integrated Placido disk imaging delivers highly accurate curvature and anteriour segment data.