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GALILEI G6 Toric IOL Calculator and Barrett Formula-Upgrades

Planning of refractive cataract surgery taken to the next level.

The GALILEI G6 offers comprehensive, up-to-date formulas and calculator software packages, developing its full potential as an all-in-one diagnostic device that takes planning of refractive cataract surgery to the next level.  

Our latest biometry software release provides the following upgrades:

  • Barrett Toric formula with predicted and measured posterior K (integrated)
  • Export to third-party software Holladay IOL Consultant & Surgical Outcomes Assessment as well as PANACEA and more
  • Patient education opportunities via remote Biometry workstation in the exam lane 

Our distribution partner in your country is ready to support you in making these upgrades so you can continue to provide world-class patient care, streamline your daily clinical work and drive the development of your practice. 

Learn more: GALILEI G6 ColorZ


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