Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG

Electronics Engineer VET

Job profile

On the one hand, electronics engineers spend a lot of time working at the PC, developing electronic devices or taking measurements of various switches. They also work on the processing of orders and projects. They can work on their own, but must also be an integral part of a team. Thanks to their broad training, an electronics technician is able subsequently to work in many areas.

Training at Ziemer

In our international company, supported and instructed by experts, you will work on the planning, development, production, programming, testing and documentation of hardware and firmware for our high-tech medical devices. You will learn how to formulate technical requirements, analyze functions, prepare a concept, build the hardware, program processors, test set-ups, search for errors and, finally, transfer the finished product to series production. During your training, you will gain an insight into various interesting company areas and processes.

Duration of training 

4 years

Training location


Vocational training

1st- 4th apprenticeship years: 2 days a week

If the apprentice's academic standard is very good, attending the school of professional Maturity is an option

Vocational courses

1st apprenticeship year: 21 days compulsory / 12 days voluntary

2nd apprenticeship year: 27 days compulsory / 6 days voluntary

What you need

  • Completion of Sekundarschule¬†
  • Good grades in mathematics and physics
  • Your strengths include:
    • Good visualization skills
    • Ability to work accurately
    • Technical understanding
    • Analytical thinking
    • Ability to concentrate
    • Team player