Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG

Logistician VET

Job profile

In the warehousing field, logisticians with a Federal VET Diploma are responsible for the correct storage of goods. They receive and check the goods and then book them in the computer system. Using forklift trucks they make the goods available. Different criteria apply depending on the specific goods. When an order arrives, logisticians prepare the goods for shipment by packing and labeling them and preparing the delivery documents and loading the vehicles, while observing the relevant safety precautions. They also regularly check the stock levels of goods to ensure that these are never too high or too low.

Training at Ziemer

In our international company you will learn all about the process of incoming and outgoing goods. We will familiarize you with the safety precautions, and you will learn how to operate a forklift truck and discover how logistics contributes to the quality of our products.

Duration of training 

3 years

Training location


Vocational training

1 day a week

If the apprentice's academic standard is very good, attending the school of professional Maturity is an option

Vocational courses

20 days overall

What you need

  • Completion of Realschule with good grades
  • Practical understanding
  • Manual skills
  • Organizational talent
  • Reliability and sense of responsibility
  • Independence
  • Persistence and ability to concentrate
  • Outgoing personality
  • Service awareness
  • Robust health