Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG
Dear Eye Care professionals, let us be your partner in your pursuit of continuous improvement and on your path to excellence.

Dear Eye Care Professionals

Let us be your partner in your pursuit of continuous improvement and on your path to excellence. 

Our portfolio comprises the ultra-precise GALILEI diagnostic device and our low energy FEMTO lasers for the performance of exceptional ophthalmic treatments.

Furthermore we offer a wide range of ophthalmic applications that provides all needs for refractive, corneal and cataract surgeons to support you on your journey and in the further development of your practice.

Eye care solutions


Refractive solutions catered to you and your patient's needs.


Customized cataract treatments for optimal outcomes.


State-of-the-art therapeutic solutions for any kind of ophthalmic treatments.


THE FEMTO Z8 NEO. The outstanding multipurpose FEMTO laser platform for refractive, therapeutic and cataract surgery.

Laser Systems

Low energy lasers at a glance.

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Diagnostic Devices - Our GALILEI ColorZ models represent the new generation of our renowned diagnostic platform, delivering multi-layer TopView images in vibrant colors and high contrast.

Diagnostic Devices

Holistic diagnostic platforms. 

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Why Ziemer?

We strongly believe that outstanding surgical devices maximize their value only in combination with suitable diagnostic tools - bringing high-end solutions to surgeons and clinics and improving the quality of eye care. 

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