Ziemer Ophtalmology

Fast Refractive Screening

The most relevant maps and values in one display

Refractive Screening Display
Refractive Screening Display
  • Comprehensive overview of the cornea
  • Four pre-defined maps
  • Display of most relevant indices

The Fast Refractive Screening Display provides an overview of the cornea to start the analysis of the eye for refractive surgery planning. Due to the color coded maps, any suspicious pattern within the cornea can easily be identified. The steep and flat axes are marked with a cross for fast identification. Besides the four maps, the most relevant numeric values are visible at all time. Even the presence of asymmetries can already be assessed and further analyzed with a specialized display.

The display includes anterior and posterior axial curvature maps, as axial curvature smoothens small corneal irregularities similar to what the visual system does. This allows simulation of visual experience and may improve surgery planning and refractive outcome.