Ziemer Ophtalmology


Tailor-made keratoplasties ranging from penetrating to ultra-thin lamellar grafts.

  • Precise and reproducible grafts
  • Simplified transplantation process
  • Perfect match of donor and recipient
  • OCT visualization of the cornea for enhanced planning (only FEMTO LDV Z8)


  • OCT visualization of the cornea for enhanced planning 
  • Guiding tunnel for easier Big Bubble-technique (DALK)
  • Liquid or applanating interface for penetrating keratoplasties
  • Lamellar and penetrating keratoplasties
  • Oval and round shapes, customizable angles
  • Top-hat and mushroom resections possible (PK)
  • Proprietary artificial anterior chamber
  • Might be used for graft preparation in eye banks