Ziemer Ophtalmology

The benefits of Z-Cataract

Of course the laser does not replace a good doctor, but it is a powerful tool that can enhance his capabilities.  The following arguments make Z-Cataract a unique procedure.

Utmost precision in the micrometer range
A more precise surgery makes it more likely that the artificial lens will remain stable and provide the best possible vision long term. Using the femtosecond laser, surgeons can achieve the perfect capsule shape, size and position for lens fragmentation. The high-precision incisions help the surgeon to align the artificial lens in the eye.

Minimally invasive
The femtosecond laser not only creates precise accesses to the interior of your eye, it also fragments the clouded lens in such a way that it can be subsequently aspirated or removed with very little or even no ultrasonic power.  Less strain on sensitive tissues and structures of the eye should help to prevent an inflammatory response.

Predictability of important surgical steps
Your eye is carefully measured in advance. The laser gives the surgeon the possibility to plan your unique surgery in advance. He can rely on what is planned beforehand since the laser allows for a reproducible treatment. Still the procedure is guided by the surgeon who keeps control all the time.

Individualized and combined treatment
The laser’s precision and versatility allows your surgeon to precisely carry out the treatment, ensuring a custom procedure perfectly designed for your individual eye.