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Toric IOL Calculator

Precise and complete data for Refractive Cataract surgery planning

Toric IOL Calculator - GALILEI ColorZ (Cataract Evaluation)
Toric IOL Calculator - GALILEI ColorZ (Cataract Evaluation)

The Toric IOL Calculator is embedded in the GALILEI G6 ColorZ all-in-one diagnostic device, which combines Optical Biometry, Dual-Scheimpflug Tomography and Placido Topography with comprehensive packages of state-of-the-art IOL power calculation formulas and third-party software.


IOL power calculation formulas:

  • Barrett Universal II
  • Barrett Toric with predicted and measured posterior K (integrated)
  • Haigis
  • Hoffer Q
  • SRK II
  • SRK/T
  • Shammas no-history (post-refractive)


Export to third-party software (optional):

  • Holladay IOL Consultant & Surgical Outcomes Assessment (Holladay II, Holladay Toric, SIA and more)
  • PANACEA IOL & Toric Calculator
  • OKULIX (ray-tracing)

A complete data set of the eye (cornea, lens and eye length) captured during a single measurement and combined with the latest intraocular lens power calculation formulas is key to successful patient-centered planning of Refractive Cataract surgery.

This comprehensive assessment of all structures of the eye with the GALILEI G6 ColorZ allows the surgeon to determine the IOL that best fits the visual requirements of the patient's lifestyle. The incorporated set of IOL power calculation formulas (as with Barrett Toric) and the capability to export data to PANACEA or Holladay IOL Consultant software provide confidence in refractive precision and support the surgeon in achieving excellent results in premium IOL cataract surgery, whether in virgin or post-refractive surgery eyes, by including additional variables (such as corneal asphericity).