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Welcome to the Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) Portal

An Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) is pre-clinical or clinical research initiated, planned and conducted by an outside (independent) investigator or institution (not the company which develops or markets the product or therapy). The IIS is designed for the development of specific and defined medical knowledge.

Investigator Initiated Studies help by generating data on the effectiveness and safety of a product in the real-world setting. They attempt to answer questions that clinicians face in their practice. The IIS can play a key role in enhancing existing knowledge about current Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems applications and contribute towards the development of new applications and products, support safe and appropriate application and address important medical and scientific questions regarding Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems products.

Submission and evaluation process:

All Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems users are invited to submit their investigation concepts via this IIS Portal. Upon submission, your proposal will be reviewed by Ziemer Clinical Steering Committee based on scientific importance and alignment with Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems research plans.

The investigator will be informed about the outcome by Ziemer Clinical & Medical Affairs Team and should Ziemer be interested in the concept submission, the investigator will be invited to submit further details and a final protocol on the IIS to be considered for full approval.

Eligibility for support / The sponsor/investigator has to fulfill (or agree to) the following requirements:

  • Has the scientific, technical and operational capabilities to conduct a study as a sponsor including adequately trained staff to execute a study (GCP, GMP, etc.)
  • Submits a scientifically well designed and well-written study proposal
  • Is able to fulfill all regulatory requirements (writing of final study report and manuscripts etc.)
  • Agrees to provide study updates to Ziemer Ophtahlmic Systems and a written report of the final study results to Ziemer Ophtahlmic Systems
  • Delivers to agreed timelines
  • Is a Ziemer user

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