Ziemer Ophtalmology

Ziemer Academy

The Ziemer Academy is a highly successful training course series where experts from SNEC, Fyodorov and Ziemer share their knowledge of the FEMTO LDV Z8 applications and provide in-depth tips and tricks. It is specifically designed for surgeons having little to no experience with our technology but are eager to achieve a fast learning curve.

We are especially pleased to announce the new Ziemer Academy at the American University of Beirut with Prof. Shady Awwad.

The following topics and much more will be discussed during this exciting and informative educational session:

  • The unique FEMTO LDV low-energy technology
  • Cataract and Cornea: Overview of available applications
  • Live surgery FEMTO Cataract and Cornea
  • Tips and tricks on the FEMTO LDV Z8
  • Pig eye wetlabs (Cataract, Keratoplasties, LASIK, Tunnels for Rings)
  • Keratoconus (GALILEI G6), only in Beirut

Ziemer Academy at SNEC, Singapore  
with Prof. Soon Phaik Chee, Prof. Jod Mehta and Prof. Marcus Ang 
March 06, 2020 + March 07, 2020   Register here 
August 14, 2020 + August 15, 2020   Register here

Ziemer Academy at Fyodorov, Moscow
with Prof. Boris Malyugin 
June 01, 2020 + June 02, 2020   Register here 

Ziemer Academy at American University, Beirut
with Prof. Shady Awwad
March 26, 2020 + March 27, 2020   Register here 

For further information please contact us at marketing@ziemergroup.com

"This course introduced me to the wide range of applications available on the FEMTO LDV Z8 for both cataract and corneal surgery."

Wolfgang Mayer, MD, LMU Munich, Germany about the Ziemer Academy in Singapore