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Ziemer's Technology is tailored for a range of therapeutic procedures including Keratoplasty and corneal tunnel incisions. This offers added value to ophthalmologists seeking to optimize their surgical setup for maximum efficiency and effectiveness and fosters sustainable practice development.

GALILEI ColorZ represents the new generation of our renowned diagnostic devices, delivering multi-layer TopView images in vibrant colors and high contrast. 


The GALILEI G6 ColorZ diagnostic platform provides accurate and precise data across the entire cornea, enabling consistent planning for excellent outcomes in one single screening session. 

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The mobile FEMTO models are unique, offering the highest repetition rate of any femtosecond laser and overlapping, precise spots with very low pulse energy.


Proprietary OCT technology combined with superior TopView camera imaging makes the FEMTO Z8 models ideally suited to therapeutic procedure planning. 

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The GALILEI G6 not only combines Dual Scheimpflug Tomography and Placido Topography but features also measurement and map alignment on 1st Purkinje image ensuring improved detection of corneal asymmetries relevant to vision. It provides an extensive range of diagnostic assessments following the Therapeutic patient over time.

  • Fast Asymmetries Screening

    Comprehensive screening for Asymmetries
  • Comparison Display

    Time-saving comparison of two measurements 
  • CLMI.X Asymmetry Detection

    Effortless detection of corneal asymmetries in one display 
  • Color Eye Metrics Display

    Manual measurements of the eye in vibrant colors 
  • Customized Displays

    Create your own powerful screening displays
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The FEMTO Z8 models can be used for therapeutic procedures including keratoplasties and corneal tunnel incisions. 

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