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The new multipurpose laser platform FEMTO Z8 NEO represents another standard of innovation and quality. It is the result of visionary constructed solutions and performance driven engineering at Ziemer Ophthalmology.

Together with the intuitive new software and additional applications, the innovative FEMTO Z8 NEO results in an outstanding multipurpose laser platform for highly precise and exceptional ophthalmic treatments.


NEO wheels

Truly mobile

The FEMTO Z8 NEO has wheels, which makes it portable  and it can be moved easily. The laser is brought to the surgery and not vice versa. Roll the laser in the OR when you need it, roll it out to an another OR or even another office as needed.

NEO button

Easy handling

The laser can be shut down and stored away when not in use. The handle design makes moving the laser even easier. The calibration is done automatically with every start-up so it only needs to be switched on when it is needed.


Patient safety and comfort

The FEMTO Z8 NEO ensures the highest degree of safety and comfort for both the surgeon and the patient. No patient transfer needed. The laser moves to the patient streamlining the process and saving OR time.

Low Energy Handpiece

Perfect fit to the eye

The SLIM handpiece and SLIM patient interface conforms to the majority of the eyes and provides an excellent docking experience. The FEMTO Z8 NEO is also the perfect partner for pediatric cataract surgery.


Flexibility on demand

The FEMTO Z8 NEO is capable of performing Refractive, Therapeutic and Cataract surgeries. The new software helps to plan and organize your treatments for an efficient workflow. It offers multiple applications that can be customized for your surgical needs and it grows as your practice and technology advances.


Procedure Pack

Improved performance

LASIK: Refined energy settings and optimized side cut parameters integrated in the new FEMTO Z8 NEO results in flaps with a better side cut quality.
CATARACT: the enhanced trajectory provides a significantly faster cutting time and improved lens fragmentation efficiency.  

Low Energy Handpiece

Low Energy Concept

The Ziemer handpiece is exclusively designed to have a very short working distance to the eye. This results in a high focusing power with very little energy per pulse needed. Small over-lapping spots creates a smooth resection - only possible with the Ziemer low energy concept.

NEO device

Ultra-precise laser delivery system

Equipped with unique high-quality optics, the FEMTO Z8 NEO offers the exceptional precision you would expect from a swiss laser. The new Laser Monitoring System allows the laser to work efficiently in different operating room environments on the same day.

Monitor OCT

Increased surgical planning (OCT)

The FEMTO Z8 NEO model offers a faster intraoperative OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) scan. Enhanced eye structure detection (iris, lens, cornea) yield a faster OCT scan and in general a quicker processing time. The workflow is more efficient, the user saves time and the patient experience is less stressful.


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