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An Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) is a pre-clinical or clinical research initiated, planned and conducted by an independent investigator or institution. The IIS is designed for the development of specific and defined medical knowledge.

Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) Application Form

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We thank you for your interest in research with Ziemer devices and look forward to a fruitful collaboration on your research project. For additional information or clarification, contact .

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List of required documents:

  1. Study synopsis, containing:
    1. Investigators’ names and affiliations
    2. Study title
    3. Study site(s)
    4. Research objectives
    5. Brief description of the study
    6. Study design
    7. Planned number of subjects
    8. Statistical considerations
    9. Estimated start and end date
    10. Statement on competing interests
    11. Requested resources

  2. The study protocol (if exists at this stage)

  3. Short CV of the primary investigator (mentioning other completed studies and including list of publications)

  4. An EC/IRB and/or health authority approval (if applicable and available)

  5. Cover letter (optional)

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