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We offer products for the entire femtosecond laser-assisted cataract workflow. Let us be your trusted partner in your pursuit of excellence in meeting the visual lifestyle needs of your cataract patients.

The GALILEI G6 ColorZ - The All-in-one diagnostic device integrating Optical Biometry with Dual Scheimpflug Tomography and Placido Topography.


The GALILEI G6 ColorZ is the all-in-one diagnostic device for state-of-the-art cataract surgery planning. 

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The mobile FEMTO models are unique, offering the highest repetition rate of any femtosecond laser and overlapping, precise spots with very low pulse energy.


The FEMTO Z8 models provide the most advanced technology for laser-assisted cataract surgery. 

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The GALILEI G6 comes with the capabilities of the GALILEI G4 and adds an optical biometer to measure lens thickness, anterior chamber depth, and axial length for premium IOL selection, also in post-refractive cases.

  • Fast cataract screening

    Quick screening for normal eyes
  • Advanced IOL Display

    Quick evaluation aid for optimal IOL selection
  • IOL Calculator

    Precise data for cataract surgery planning
  • Toric IOL Calculator

    Precise and complete data for refractive cataract surgery planning
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The FEMTO Z8 laser can be used for a complete laser-assisted cataract treatment including lens fragmentation, capsulotomy, clear corneal incisions, and arcuate incisions.

  • Z-Cataract

    Low energy technology for cataract surgery
  • Pediatric Cataract

    Our FEMTO Laser is also the perfect partner for pediatric cataract surgery
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