Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG

Interactive Media Designer VET

Job profile 

Interactive Media Designers prepare the customer needs for projects associated with interactive digital content. They plan websites, apps, social media and POS presentations. They work with static and animated images, texts and infographics, as well as audio, video and 3D components. Using the latest craft techniques and the corresponding hardware and software infrastructure, they produce the media according to the prepared concept, which are then tested and published on digital communication systems such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. Interactive media designers also ensure that the developed communication tools are designed to be appropriate for the medium and easy to use. From the drafting process to implementation, they maintain a lively dialog with customers and employees.

Training at Ziemer

In our international company you will develop creative concepts, designs and content for today's interactive digital communications, including infographics, videos, websites, animations, apps, audio documents and 3D models.

Duration of Training 

4 years

Training location


Vocational training

1st and 2nd apprenticeship years: 2 days a week
3rd and 4th apprenticeship years: 1 day a week
If the apprentice's academic standard is very good, attending the school of professional Maturity is an option

Vocational courses

Five 4-day courses

What you need

  • Completion of Sekundarschule
  • Very good grades in languages and mathematics
  • Outstanding creativity
  • Enthusiasm for technology
  • Interest in digital media, their design and interaction
  • Initiative and customer-focused attitude
  • Ability to work accurately and reliably
  • Communicative team player