Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG

IT technician VET Application development

Job profile

IT technicians specialized in application development are software experts. They implement software solutions for new or modified products or processes. First, they analyze the wishes of the customer and specify the requirements for the program. Following the preliminary clarifications, the IT technicians produce a detailed concept. They program the software and test it comprehensively. It is important that every step is documented so that the support for, and the further development of the application can be ensured.

Training at Ziemer

In our international company, supported and instructed by experts, you will develop and maintain IT applications for high-tech medical devices.

IT technician VET

Duration of training

4 years

Training location


Vocational training

1st to 3rd apprenticeship years: 2 days a week
4th apprenticeship year: 1 day a week
If the apprentice's academic standard is very good, attending the school of professional Maturity is an option

Vocational courses

Seven 5-day courses on various subjects

What you need

  • Completion of Sekundarschule
  • Very good grades in science and mathematics subjects
  • Ability to think logically and abstractly
  • Impressive ability to concentrate
  • Quick grasp
  • Systematic way of working
  • Patient and perseverance
  • Creativity in the search for solutions
  • Team player
  • Strong English language skills