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DOC Satellite Symposia about the Ziemer FEMTO LDV Z8 / Z8 NEO

"Far away from the mainstream and yet right in the middle of it - Economical & versatile - the fully mobile low energy laser, now also with the new Lenticule application (CLEAR)".

This was our theme this year at the Ziemer DOC Satellite Symposium at the DOC in Nuremberg on the FEMTO LDV Z8 / Z8 NEO.

Discover the wide-ranging capabilities of the low-energy laser FEMTO LDV Z8 and its newest iteration, the FEMTO Z8 NEO, through insights from renowned presenters in the Ziemer special edition of "Ophthalmological News".

Clinical data concerning various applications and the most recent technological advancements were introduced and discussed with the audience.

Many thanks to our international speakers:
PD Dr. Theo G. Seiler
Dr. Stefanie Schmickler
Prof. Soon Phaik Chee
Prof. Rupert Menapace
Prof. Alireza Mirshahi
Prof. Shady Awwad

Read the full article here (in german)

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