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Bern Racing Team - impressive 2023 performance

Ziemer is a proud sponsor of the Bern Racing Team and the collaboration between the high-tech medical company and the electric Racing Team is the perfect fusion of two common passions: technology and innovation. 

During 2023, the Bern Racing Team has put the pedal to the metal and raced their way into the record books with a remarkable season that saw them secure a commendable 5th place overall finish in the Czech Republic and a stunning 3rd place overall finish in Switzerland. These achievements mark a historic moment for the team as they clinched their first set of trophies, solidifying their presence on the European racing circuit.

Bern Racing Team CEO Sébastien Cavedon, expressed his delight at the team's accomplishments, saying, "This season has been a tremendous journey for us. We set our objectives, worked diligently towards them, and came out stronger than ever. Securing trophies in both the Czech Republic and Switzerland is a testament to our team's unwavering commitment and expertise."

For the upcoming season, the team's primary focus will be on weight reduction. They have set an ambitious goal of reducing the car's total weight to just 240 kilograms, a feat that will undoubtedly require innovative engineering and cutting-edge design. The team is already hard at work, actively brainstorming and refining the concept for their new car.

The Ziemer Group is thrilled to be part of the Bern Racing Team's journey and is looking forward to continuing this successful partnership in the future.



About the Bern Racing Team 
The current Bern Racing Team consists of 55 Bachelor students from all the disciplines studied at the Bern University of Applied Sciences in Biel and Burgdorf who would like to follow up on the successful time of the solar vehicle “Spirit of Biel” through the Formula Student project. In connection with this project, the students conceive, design and build an electric "formula" type racing car over the course of a year, so that they are then able to take part in the world's largest engineering competition: "Formula Student". 

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